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Are you interested in questions about life and living?

Aside from a publication on irreversible thermodynamics and viscoelastic fluids, this site navigates you to philosophical publications that discuss questions and pointers to answers that are often hidden in the ancient books of wisdom and manuscripts with spiritual information, particularly those found in the East. Also free downloads are available of: 1. The Original Gita Aphorisms in English and Sanskrit, 2. a new translation of the Shiva Sutras, and 3. the first translation of the Kashmiri Gitasara. To download, follow the link "publications," then "Downloads," and "English."

In the introductory part of these philosophical works, the following questions are discussed:

  • What is thought?
  • What is space-time?
  • What is life-death?

Perhaps you want to think things over or you would like to have an understanding about consciousness and what is beyond, or to find out about the basic law of existence. Perhaps you enjoy studying in your free time or are seeking in your retirement for words of wisdom from the East. If so, The Original Gita, Eastern Thought and the Gita, and Thought and Beyond might be of interest to you.

All students of the perennial wisdom and the Gita will want to make a careful study of this book. David Lorimer on The Original Gita

As always, you have to study, you have to make up your own mind and you have to apply your understanding. To facilitate you in this study, I have tried to be straightforward and concise in my writing, so that you will not be overwhelmed by a lot of words. By going deeply into the three questions above, you may have thoughts and insights about life and living and find your own answers to questions on the perennial wisdom.