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Click here to download The Original Gita Aphorisms (Devanagari)


Free download of The Original Gita Aphorisms in English and in Sanskrit, which is given in Devanagari with transliteration.

Click here to download the Shiva Sutras


Free download of the Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta.
A new literal translation. Sanskrit text in devanagari with transliteration. Even without knowledge of Sanskrit you can make your own translation or gain a better understanding of a Sanskrit word by using the other meanings that are given of each word, aside from the one I choose for my translation.

Click here to download the Kashmiri Gitasara


Free download of the Kashmiri Gitasara.
Its first translation into English. Sanskrit text in devanagari and transliteration with extensive notes on the Sanskrit translation.

A Text Downloadable Document

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